Mario Marcello - 2016 Untitled Page
plastic's creative
“MUTATIONS” are precious shapes, ceramic cards that can change their size. They
are “subjective creations” ready to wear a new light and shadow, vibrations and

"MUTATIONS" Traveling exhibit of ceramic transfigurations
This exhibition has been conceived in order to express the time status and the
changes, fixing them in a changing plasticity thanks to the “Artmodùl” technique
created by the artist himself, which is a registered patent.
Project starts in a "concept idea" from a Genesis, through scentes, and season's colors. Its stops in human's living themes, unfolding in the natural's elements visions.
A look to ourselves, in a evolutive's sense of a common living.
A sensorial's experience.
that website even the videos about:" MUTATIONS" , has been created by Mario Marcello for " START - promoting entertainment "  - january 2016. All right reserved. Any download must including the source: " MUTAZIONIART.COM".
the music: "GROWING", has been composed by Christos.